Today, I went over our list of prospects. I color-coded each local company with the updates we have for them. For example, Fast Times Screen printing got a green color because they are interested in making a swap with us. This means that they would be creating posters for us, and we would give them a full-page ad in our program event book.

After I color-coded each company with its corresponding color and made comments with simple notes that would guide us on what to do later, I prioritized the list. Prioritizing the solicitation list meant that I had to arrange the companies in order of urgency.

Our work should at least be smooth after the color coding and the prioritization. I’ve learned that well thought out planning even on a simple level such as color coding is essential for communication.

After I finished, I talked to Jenna and explained to her my coding scheme. She said it would make work easy in the next couple days as we get busy trying to finalize the Chip-In for Lifesteps Indiana Golf Classic event.

Tomorrow, we will solicit more local businesses.

Hours worked on site today:
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Spent 30 minutes on this blog
Hours on blogs as of today:
11 Hours 45 minutes
Spent 3 hours finalizing Robin’s story
Hours worked as of today:
196 Hours 25 minutes