Today, Jenna and I visited 6 businesses. Audio Phonics, Rustic Acres, Martins, Framing Hut Gallery of Indiana, Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers, and Copies Plus, respectively. Of all the places we visited, Framing Hut Gallery stood out the most to me.

Joseph McNeils had participated years ago at our annual Chip-In for Lifesteps Classic Golf event. Joseph showed us a framed picture he hangs on a wall from a golf event he and his friends had attended. He seemed excited to want to participate again this year. He mentioned that he would be contacting his friends at Renda Broadcasting to play golf with him at our event. We informed him that Cassandra will be on the Radio tomorrow at Renda talking about the classic golf event.

I’ve continued to learn that people have networking connections. Especially local business owners who have had their business around for years.

Tomorrow, Cassandra might be coming to Indiana. She will be reviewing the story I wrote about Robin. I have to finalize the story before then.

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