Today, Jenna and I solicited two businesses.  Mark Arbuckle and Auto Sports Co. Mark was busy, but his the secretary told us he would be calling us soon. We met David Rice. He is new to the Indiana area but seemed interested with Lifesteps due to the cause we support. David seemed really interested in our mission because his three-year-old son was diagnosed with mild autism.

Since he is new to town and had never heard of Lifesteps before. He agreed to come to the event. He also said he will bring his workers with him. Next week, Jenna and I will revisit him and give him the confirmation sheet (picture above).

I learned today that everyone has a story to tell. Even in a professional setting, some people are not shy to tell their personal life story. As long as someone is listening, they are willing to speak.

Tomorrow Jenna and I will continue to solicit more businesses.

Hours worked on site today:
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Spent 30 minutes on this blog
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