Today, I made follow up calls to all our new prospects. Some of the companies requested that we send them more information on Lifesteps, while others inquired for more time as they gather more people to play golf at the event.

Johnny Brennan from Fast Times Screen Printing has committed to printing poster signs for the Golf Classic event. Like Brett, Johnny also asked for different ways he can continue to support Lifesteps. I did not have an answer for Johnny, but I informed him that he should hear back from our office with more information soon.

Today, I learned that it is essential to know what the organization I work for needs to direct potential sponsors on how they can help. I will get in touch with Cassandra for guidance on how I can approach the subject when it comes up again. This will enable me to continue to improve my job performance while serving would-be donors.

Tomorrow, Jenna and I have more soliciting to do. So far, soliciting has helped me learn more about the professional field. Every time we go out to meet a client, I make a connection in my network that keeps growing. My MS degree helps me know how to communicate with different kinds of people. I enjoy this part of my internship, and I hope more opportunities will continue to manifest.

Hours worked on site today:

9 AM – 2:30 PM

Spent 20 minutes on this blog

Hours on blogs as of today:

6hrs 40 minutes

Hours worked as of today:

118 Hours 30 minutes