This morning, I created a social media strategy for how I would utilize a client and/or program story in promotions. As an agency, Lifesteps only uses Facebook and Twitter. I made a Facebook and Twitter centered outline of how we can promote the stories I will write for the Indiana Community Home and the Adult Training Facility (ATF).

For Facebook, I had two strategies; free and paid marketing strategies. One of the strategies for Facebook’s free promotion is a less than five minutes Facebook Live feed where a client talks about how Lifesteps has been of help to his/her life. A Twitter strategy would be a short highlight quote from our client focusing on the quality and service provided by Lifesteps.

Jenna and I also had a meeting with Brett Braun, the COO of IRMC Group. Brett was very excited to play Golf in August. He said he would sponsor three other doctors to play with him as a four-some. Even though we had an initial meeting with Brett a few weeks earlier, we had to prepare to give a formal presentation informing him what Lifesteps is all about. Brett was interested in not only playing during our golf event, he also wanted to know different ways he could donate to Lifesteps. He wants to have the Family Mobile Resource Center come to IRMC events in town.

For tomorrow, I will be following up with calls from our new prospect list.

Hours worked on site today:

9 AM – 2:30 PM

Spent 20 minutes on this blog

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6hrs 20 minutes

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