Today, Jenna and I went to Butler for an ACT meeting followup. Cassandra, the Public Relations/Development leader headed the meeting. Alyson, Jenna, Julie, a grants writer, Autumn, Director, Donor Development, Taylor, an administrator assistant, and I also attended the meeting.

The ACT meeting took place yesterday. This meeting is for all Lifesteps departmental heads to attend. After the meeting all the heads then have a followup/update meeting with all their employees to update them about Lifesteps next strategic plan.

Cassandra had a lot of updates to share with the group. One update that struck me the most was Lifesteps Client Service Information System (CSIS). This project was created for the Head Start program in Butler County. The goal was to create a system where parents and teachers can have an online platform where they can integrate information that would benefit both parties. Right now, Lifesteps only has files for each child in the program.

The online platform could allow parents to upload files required by teachers while at home or even view a child’s grade. Lifesteps has a grant to make this project a success but as Cassandra mentioned, they are still figuring out how the integration would work with PA education laws for head start programs. I learned in today’s meeting that it is possible to have all the money needed to make a project a success but without a strategic plan, the project cannot move to the next stage.

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