Today, I researched our new prospects for the upcoming Golf Classic event. When Cassandra met with Jenna and I last week, she gave us a list of people we can contact and inform them about our event. The new prospect list only had the names of the company, for example, JCM Communications. My job was to go online and find out who the marketing person for the organization was.

Most of the companies on the list only had the president or CEO in the company listed. Some companies, like the Red Swing Group, are headquartered in Pittsburgh, so I had to find their contact in Indiana. Other company websites forwarded me to a different website in another state. I made notes to prepare for when I call the organizations and ask for their marketing person contact.

I learned today that researching for people’s information online is not easy, especially if companies are connected and it is unclear to third parties what the relationship between the companies is.

For tomorrow, Jenna and I will be going to Butler for a Public Relations/Development team meeting with Cassandra, Alyson, and other departmental employees.

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9 AM – 2:30 PM

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