Today, my office co-worker and I met with three IRMC Physicians Group doctors separately to solicit them for our upcoming Indiana Golf Classic Event. We started by preparing a folder with the event information. There are different packages an individual can choose depending on how they would like to participate. Examples of sponsorship packets  include platinum sponsor, cart sponsor, scorecard sponsor, etc.

The platinum sponsorship means eight people would be registered for the event, and they would pay a total of $2,500. This package guarantees each person recognition on the event banner, a full-page advertisement in the event program book, Lifesteps’ website, social media pages, and promotional materials. The cart sponsorship means four people would be registered to play golf for a total of $1,500. The cart package includes recognition on a half-page advertisement in the event program book, Lifesteps’ website, social media pages, promotional materials, and the sponsors name/logo on each golf cart. The scorecard sponsor pays $1500. A scorecard sponsor gets all the benefits of a cart package except their name/logo would be on each scorecard.

We had to explain the above sponsorship opportunities to the doctors. They were all interested in the event, but their main concern was that the event would be on a weekday, and they would have to reschedule their patients. The doctors suggested getting the Chief Operation Officer (COO) on board with the event. Jenna and I are planning to meet the COO this week.

The meetings we had today helped me create professional connections that will be beneficial to me later in my career. I learned how to solicit in a professional setting, which is a skill I hope to hone during this internship.

The picture taken above was the folders containing the information we needed for our meetings with the three doctors.

For tomorrow, I will be meeting with Cassandra. I have to prepare a list of questions to ask her during our meeting.


Hours Today: 

9AM – 3:15PM

Spent 30 minutes on this blog

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56 hours