Digital Pedagogy

As I completed the reading from Paul Fyfe, it seemed to connect to a conversation that Michaela and I had a few days ago about digital pedagogy, especially as it pertains to the tools that we’ve learned how to use in this class. We talked about wanting a clearly understanding of how we could take all that we’ve learned (html/CSS, IF, hypertexts) and incorporate it into a “traditional” classroom in a way that would make sense pedagogically. For example, I could always assign students to read an IF as a way to experience another form of writing, but what’s the purpose?

While I don’t have a clear idea about some of the questions we discussed and some of the questions posed in the article, I guess I would want a little bit more specifics about digital pedagogy that isn’t just using some flashy tool or reducing everything to bullet points. How do we create an effective digital pedagogy?

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