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My Aunt Paints River Rocks – Collecting Nostalgia and its Implications.

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What is My Aunt Paints River Rocks?

This text contains poetic memoir that connects bits of my childhood memories to adult themes. Depression, feelings of inadequacy, sex, and crumbling relationships are themes that I visit in the collection of my three poems.

What makes My Aunt Paints River Rocks different?

Honest I show the reader a clear, unbiased glimpse of what it was like to grow up as Allyson. I continue to relate my experiences (good and bad) to who I am today.

Relatable  I’ve chosen to write about things that will make readers say:

“Hey, the same thing happened to me!”

“I know that feeling.”

I write to entertain my audience by providing interesting material in a straightforward manner. No fluff.

Poetic  My line and stanza breaks are all intentional; I use breaks and punctuation to guide the reader through my words. I also use postmodern techniques within My Aunt Paints River Rocks.

How much does it cost?  

It’s free, so start reading now!



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