The Beatles

I was really excited when we started talking about the Beatles. I listened to them a lot when I was younger and know many of their songs. After talking about them in class I learned so many things I didn’t know about them and realized things I’ve never noticed before. I am more familiar with the “old Beatles” and their older songs. Although all their songs are very different and unique, most of their old songs were more pop like, upbeat, songs you wanted to dance to and sing out loud with them. Some songs that pop in my head would be “Ticket To Ride”, “Day Tripper”, “Eight Days A Week” and “A Hard Day’s Night”. As time went on they “transformed”, as seen on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover. I never noticed there were two pictures of them on that cover. Their look and sound were very different from before. I thought it was interesting about how in “A Hard Day’s Night” the first chord played is famous. I’ve heard some of “A Day In The Life” I guess just until the first “crazy noise jumble” because I’ve never heard that before. When we listened to it in class I was kind of just thinking “What is that?!” I believe it was the instruments being played backwards. I think along with the other students in class it kind of makes you feel uncomfortable listening to those parts. But the song starts out with a calm, sad feeling, changes to the fast backward music, all of a sudden happy and upbeat, back to the backward music, then ends with a big finish, the strong extended final note. I like how their music is so different. You really have to sit down and try to figure out what they are trying to say sometimes. I’ve been looking up more songs I have never listened to before. They have so many! I just came across “Across The Universe” and thought it was a beautiful song. I like everything about the song. His voice is so calm and steady, the peaceful guitar playing, the guitar whammy, the power in his voice when he repeats “nothing’s gonna change my world”, and the background quiet ah’s. Their music is real music, it is about real feeling and real meaning. You really don’t see that at all in today’s popular music. I still listen to the Beatles pretty often. I’ve seen two different bands live that look, dress like, and sound like the Beatles. The one was at my hometown a long time ago and the second one was here at IUP’s Kovalchick Center. They were called “Rain”. It was a great show. I would of loved to see the real Beatles live!

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