Beginning in Spring 2017, The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) launched a series of podcasts on teaching tips and experiences, and invites faculty to submit proposals for publication on our podcast website.

The goal of the CTE Teaching Tips Podcast Series is to share practical teaching strategies, teaching experiences or stories, theory, tips, resources, and anything else teaching and learning related with not only IUP faculty, but with local, state, and global teaching community at-large. Faculty at all ranks may submit a proposal. Proposals may be between 100-200 words and can be based upon any theme. Some ideas include but are not limited to: feedback, flipped classrooms, various pedagogies, inclusive classrooms, international students, student issues, technology, grading, writing, etc. A CTE staff member will work with you to record and create your podcast via SoundCloud. Interview style podcasts or dialogues are encouraged. Please indicate if you plan to have a CTE staff member interview you, or if you would like a CTE staff member to record and edit a pre-existing conversation or speech.

Please see the Submit a Podcast Proposal page for more information.

Podcast Host:


Brandon Galm

Brandon is a Ph.D. candidate in the Literature and Criticism program, working on his dissertation focused on Post-Katrina Literature. His research interests include ecocriticism, critical race, and game studies. He likes teaching a lot (even the grading!) and doesn’t mind the sound of his own voice, so hosting a podcast about teaching seemed like a perfect fit.

Podcast Coordinators:


Sarah Everett

Sarah is a Masters student in the Strategic Communication program in the Department of Communications Media. She is the serving Media Coordinator Graduate Assistant for the IUP Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Art Director for the IUP English Department’s Red Flag Poetry Publishing Company. In addition, she produces three television shows for IUP-TV and is a weekly contributor to the Public Pictures Theater Movie Review Blog.


Marie Webb

Marie is a Doctoral student in the Ph.D. in Composition and Applied Linguistics program. She is the Media and Events Coordinator Graduate Assistant for the IUP Center for Teaching Excellence. When she is not teaching online or scoring TOEFL iBT or SAT Writing exams, she enjoys hiking in White’s Woods and Face-timing her family and dog back home in California.