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Exercise that Fights Type 2 Diabetes

You need to exercise. Your doctor says so. Everyone says so. But what kind of exercise? Gyms are expensive and embarrassing. Weights look dangerous. Biking is fun until it rains or snows. Swimming sounds good but pool memberships are also costly and you worry about athlete’s foot and Diabetic Neuropathy. What is Crimson Rider supposed to do?

Let’s look at why you need to exercise and that will tell you what kinds of exercise will help the most. First, your body stores glucose which is sugar that comes from eating sugar or other carbohydrates. That’s right, bread is converted into sugar which is then stored in your body. Your body stores the glucose in muscles, so that when you are attacked by a saber toothed tiger you can run like blazes and get away. But there are no saber toothed tigers anymore and we rarely need to run from danger. So, the glucose builds up in your muscles.

When your stomach converts carbs into sugar, it then transports the sugar in the blood to muscles that need refilling for future saber toothed tiger attacks. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, your body doesn’t work like this very well. You may not have enough insulin to get the job done or you may not respond effectively to the insulin you make. In either case, if you can get the glucose out of your muscles, it will be easier for your body to process the sugar in your blood because it will have a place to go! Therefore, you need exercise that not only works your heart and builds your muscles, it must also use the glucose stored in your muscles.

According to Science Daily, new research has proven that high-intensity interval training can rapidly improve your body’s ability to metabolize or utilize glucose and thus lower your blood sugar levels. Interval training is short bursts (40 seconds for example) of intense exercise followed by 20 seconds of gentle exercise. By stringing together a series of exercises where each muscle group is worked, interval exercise can deplete glucose in the muscles making room for the sugar in your blood to go into your muscles.

You can find interval training programs in many gyms across the country. It may help you to have a group that regularly meets to complete the interval training as they may encourage you to keep going! But you can complete interval training, specifically designed for Type 2 Diabetes, in your home. We have links to YouTube videos on our Exercise page that are free, designed for people with Type 2 Diabetes, and focus on interval training to lower your glucose levels and improve your A1C levels.

Do you have exercise ideas that work to lower glucose levels and improve A1C numbers? Post them below and let other Crimson Riders know how you are fighting Type 2 Diabetes.






Full disclosure, I have no relationship with Charlie O’Connell, Fitscript, or the GlucoseZone. I have just benefited from the videos and highly recommend them! These workouts do not require special equipment, just an Internet connection and room to move. Rain or shine, cold or hot, you can work out. There is no better way to fight Type 2 Diabetes!

Level 1

This video was the beginning of my daily exercise to fight Type 2 Diabetes. I followed it for one year and lost 35 lbs. My A1C went from 7.9 to 5.7 without medication. It’s a great place to begin!

Level 2

This video was step two for my daily exercise routine. I strongly urge you to get used to level one before trying level 2. Thanks, Charlie!