Professional Background

Kylie Kozub
1403 Union Avenue, Natrona Heights PA 15065
Phone Number~
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Work Experience~
*Intern at Family Life Media/The Kittanning Paper during the summer of 2018
~assisted with collection of logs for FCC public file
~assembled data for advertising affidavits
~fundraising (auction)
~typed “historical headlines” for the Kittanning Paper
Volunteer Experience~
*Vacation Bible School at Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament parish in Natrona Heights ~ 8 summers (2009~2016)
(and hopefully maybe will do again during future summers)
*Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament parish festival in Natrona Heights ~ 1 summer (2006 or 2007?)
*Allegheny Valley Library summer reading program in Natrona Heights ~ 3 summers (2011~2013)
*Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School in Natrona Heights Christmas “Santa Breakfast/Santa Visits Bethlehem” celebration ~ (one hour~2009)
Education ~
*Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Northpointe in Armstrong County/online campus) (2014-present)
~communications media major, working towards Bachelor of Science degree


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