My name is Kylie Marie Kozub. I was born in Pennsylvania on September 16, 1996. I will turn 21 this year. I am a junior soon to be senior at IUP northpointe. My major is communications media. My favourite band/singer is savage garden/Darren Hayes, who is the “them” referenced on this website. I love Darren/”them”, and I talked to them on twitter 3 times 🙂

I won the American Legion honour award in 8th grade at OLMBSS grade school in 2010. I got awards for being in local spelling bees in 5th and 6th grades in 2007 and 2008, and I placed 2nd in a local spelling bee in 7th grade in 2009. I have been given honour roll awards and different participation ones for accomplishments in OLMBSS grade school and SJHS high school years. I graduated from Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament (OLMBSS) grade school in 2010, and I graduated from Saint Joseph High School (SJHS) in 2014, where I took a class in communications. I also participated in glee club in high school.

In the future I hope to pursue a career in broadcasting/news reporting/journalism. I would like to be on a show such as the today show or Pittsburgh today live or just the local news, reporting on one of those ones. I think it would be one of the more enjoyable and interesting careers out there, and I feel like I would be able to communicate the news/topics interestingly and effectively.I’m not sure what city I will be in, but this is what I want to do wherever I live in. I am looking forward to whatever good things life throws at me in the future and I hope to someday meet them 🙂