About Me

        Your powerpoints are so entertaining. No, really. That isn’t something I would just say that to you. My name is Kylie Kozub and I’ve made it a point to always try to be honest with everyone. That doesn’t mean insulting them, it just means not exaggerating or telling people things that are not true that will hurt them later. Honesty is something that is important in any position, especially this one.

        My work experience is limited but I feel like I am hardworking and will do what is expected of me to complete the job I am assigned. Working with other ones is of interest to me but I am also fine working alone. Something that really interests me in a profession is being able to work with people and talk to them, and working with children is an interest of mine as well. Please consider me for your profession because I feel that I am a good person that would blend in well with your profession. (And that is not a lie either.)