food or cooking segments

Today’s topic is food presentations. Sometimes in a news show, they will have cooking or food segments. Some people wonder what to do if they don’t like the food showcased or they are allergic to it. This is how to do a food segment successfully.

You don’t know whether or not you like the food unless you try it. So always make a point to try whatever food is being showcased. If you then decide you don’t like it, then you don’t have to eat anymore, just continue interviewing the cook. If you already know you don’t like it, interview the cook and take a small bite if she asks you to to be polite.

If you are allergic to the food being showcased, politely let the cook know either before or during the segment. Then you can either sit the segment out or just stand there interviewing the cook without tasting anything. You may explain to the audience you are allergic to the food and that is why you can’t try it. If there is any other reason why you can’t try the particular food being showcased, this is also what you do.

What about you? Did you ever participate in a food or cooking segment? What was the food being showcased? Did you like it? Did you try it? Were you ever allergic to one of the foods being showcased? What did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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