Today’s topic is how to conduct successful interviews. When you are in communications part of your job may be to interview someone who has something to do with your presentation. People may not know how to go about planning an effective interview. This is how to conduct one.

When you interview someone in relation to your story, stick to questions about the story. Ask questions you are sure the audience would want answered. Ask questions you would want answered about the story if you were just finding out about the situation. Also, make them feel important. Show them that what they have to contribute to the story is very important. What they know about the story adds to the important information you have to report to the audience. Ask them personal questions, but put the focus on what the story is about. If they have a personal tie to the story, that is amazing. If not, focus on the story, but show you care about them as a person too by asking a few other nonrelated questions even if they don’t end up as part of the presentation. Make sure you ask clear to the point questions. Make sure you also speak clearly so they understand what you are saying, Most people will feel grateful that you asked them to contribute their opinion because everyone likes to feel important.

What about you? Did you ever interview someone for a presentation? How did it go? How did they feel or contribute? What was the story about? What questions did you ask them? Let me know in the comments.

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