presenting without a projector or teleprompter

Today’s topic is how to report without a teleprompter or projector. I think for most presentations or reports they will show you what you need to say, but in case they don’t that could be an issue because you may worry about what to say if it is not given to you.

if they don’t give the words to you, or even if they do, before your presentation, look thru what you are going to say. Figure out what the main points are and try to remember them. Even if you don’t know them exactly, try to remember the main points and ideas. This way, if the presentation isn’t given to you, you can still be prepared to give a successful report or presentation.

What about you? Have you ever had to do a report or presentation without a projector or teleprompter? What helped you? Did you still remember the main ideas of what you were presenting? Was it still successful? Did the audience understand the story based on what you told them? Let me know in the comments.

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