writing a resume

Today’s topic is how to write a resume. Writing a resume is very important no matter what job you are applying for. The potential employers will use your resume to determine whether or not you are the employee they are looking for based on your qualifications. Some people have trouble writing a resume because they don’t know what all to put on it, or they are afraid to talk about themselves too much. This will teach you what to put on an effective resume.

The main things you put on a resume are your previous work history, your educations history, your skills, contact information and languages. Your work history will show them how much work experience you’ve had and what kinds of things you did at your previous jobs that will determine what you would be good at if you were hired at this one. Your education history shows how much schooling you completed, because most employers want to hire people who have completed a college degree. This shows how book smart and dedicated you are. Your skills are there to show them what you are good at. Companies have a bunch of different positions. Your skills will show them what position works best for you. Also, don’t be afraid listing all your skills will come off as self centred. Resumes are one place you kind of need to be self centred to show everyone what you can do, because that is how they know whether or not they will be hiring you. Contact information is included because if they decide to hire you, they won’t let you know right away. Once they have made their decision, they will use your contact information to reach you and let you know whether or not they are hiring you. Lastly, languages are included if the person speaks more than one because there may be certain positions that require speaking more than one language, and this shows the employers who all meets that qualification. One website that makes it very easy for you to fill out a resume is ResumeBuilder. I have used that website before to write my resume and it is very helpful and it spells everything out for you.

What about you? Have you written your first resume? What was hard or easy for you? Did you get hired by a company after they viewed your resume? Let me know in the comments.

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