laughing at inappropriate times

Today’s topic is laughing at inappropriate times. Sometimes when you are doing a story on a broadcasting platform, something will be in the story that strikes you as entertaining in that moment, but it’s not really supposed to be, and you aren’t supposed to start laughing at that moment. Maybe the story is a really serious one, or you are the only one who would understand the reason for laughter. This can be an issue because many people don’t know how to refrain from laughing when it is a really bad time to do so.

What you should do to not laugh inappropriately is to in your head remind yourself of the seriousness of the story. If something bad happened, remind yourself of the families and people affected by the tragedy. Also, they say to bite the inside of your cheek when you want to keep yourself from laughing or crying. If you do end up laughing before you can stop it, just clear your throat and say excuse me, and go back to reporting, reminding yourself of the sad parts of the story. This is a way to handle the situation professionally. If you seem like you should, you can explain the reason for the sudden outburst of laughter, but you don’t have to.

What about you? Have you ever inappropriately laughed during a presentation? How did you handle it? Do you agree with the ways talked about here? Let me know in the comments.

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