Another issue people sometimes have is how to persuade in speech or writing. This will show you how to be more successful in persuasion. The reasons people have problems with it is that they know what position they stand for, but they don’t know how to make people more interested in the position or maybe they don’t want to come across as too bossy, forcing people to take their opinions. This is a way to be more successful and effective in persuasion.

A way to fix this issue is to once again read thru your presentation or rehearse thru it before you present it. When you do this, figure out which thoughts are the most important to persuade the audience in what your position is. It helps if the position is something you truly believe in too, but even if it isn’t one, you will still be able to figure out what points are the important ones. When you are presenting and you get to these important points, emphasise them, and look your audience in the eye whilst you explain why this position is so important to you. Also, don’t worry about coming across as bossy to the audience. The whole purpose of the persuasion presentation is to try to get your audience to see the positions as you see them.

What about you? Have you ever done a persuasion presentation? Was it easy for you? Was the position something you truly believed in? How did your audience react? Were you successful in persuading them? What helped you thru the presentation? Let me know in the comments.

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