If you’ve ever put your art up anywhere, chances are somebody will complement it by comparing it to their drawing ability.

“Wow, great job! I can’t even do stick figures!” they’ll say, taking your art as a way to talk about themselves.

The word ‘even’ is condescending in this sentence; speaking as though stick figures are any less valid than any other art. What they lack in detail, though, they make up for by being the most expressive and dynamic form of art available! As long as you can hold a pencil that makes any sort of mark, you can create something that gets its point across with absolutely no filler.


And these are just poses I came up with in off the top of my head!

                            They’re just lines, guys.


There are no limits — and once you realize that it’s ALL “just lines”, you’ll realize there’s no limit to what you can make!

Just give yourself the time to make it.