So, you wanna learn about art!

Lucky for you, art is absolutely everywhere. Not just in logos and advertisement. Art is an essential part of life. Not only is it how we learn about the world, but it’s also how we learn about our fellow humans! “What’s your favorite band?”, “What are your favorite movies?”. Art tells us stories, salves our souls, help us learn about ourselves, and inspires us to make our own!

But it’s also really overwhelming; the art around you can make you insecure about yours.

Tell me if any of these things sound familiar. You think your art’s not as good as others, not as stylized, not “realistic” enough. Not expressive enough. Too close to somebody else’s style. And maybe that stops you from doing art altogether, because of all these arbitrary rules you’ve encased your abilities in, as if there’s a “right” way to express your feelings.

My name’s Elizabeth, and for years, I struggled with the same thing. I’ve been drawing since I was five, but as I grew, all of a sudden something I loved wasn’t good enough anymore, because of all sorts of doubts and limitations I projected onto a question for which there is no wrong answer. I’m just someone who likes to draw. And through my art, I found a sort of freedom. Struggling with one’s style can take a major toll on one’s self-esteem. It’s very discouraging to feel you’re not good enough at something so integral to culture and identity.

So come, do art! Whatever art is for you. And we’ll learn to appreciate our art for what it is, rather than what we feel it is not.

Let’s learn together!