Happy hump day everyone! Today I will be talking about creating websites via wix.com. I learned how to use this through my comm media major and I have to admit it’s pretty cool to create your own website. To start, we have to address our problem: what is the website for? You can make your […]


Happy Tuesday guys! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite hobbies that goes into the process of stories, storyboarding! To storyboard you have to draw out individual scenes or concepts you want to incorporate and I have always loved drawing so this is fun for me! To begin you have to deal […]

Video Game Creation

Hello! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today I will be talking a little bit about video game creation. This topic is similar to animation, so if it gets repetitive I’m sorry, but at least you’ll know more! So the problem you have to solve with video game animation is what type of video […]

TV Writing

Happy Friday guys! We made it through another week. Hope you’re ready to enjoy a nice weekend! Today I will be talking about scriptwriting as one of the skills I’ve learned. Now there are multiple types of scriptwriting, so I will talk about the kind for television. When you’re a tv script writer, the problem […]


Only one more day til Friday guys! Today I will be talking about advertising within Communications Media. I have attained many skills in this field but this one is unique in my opinion because advertising is so common in our society and we don’t even realize it, so it’s cool to see how much we […]

Public Speaking

We made it to hump day, wooohooo! Hopefully you all are having a fantastic week so far. Today I am going to be talking about one of the skills I have actually learned to love, but most people think of this as one of their biggest fears: Public Speaking….ooooooooohhhh! In reality, I don’t think public […]


Woooo, it’s Tuesday! 2/5 weekdays done. The weekend is so close I can taste it. Hopefully you’re enjoying my posts by now and are learning a thing or two. Today’s post is also a cool little skill I learned how to do through Communications Media, and that is using the soundboard. The soundboard is what […]

The TelePrompTer

Hello all! Happy Monday! Hopefully you all had a nice and relaxing weekend. We all know Monday’s can be rough, so today’s topic is gonna be very quick and painless to learn about and it’s something most of you could probably pick up very quickly: how to use the TelePrompTer! To start out, you need […]


Happy Friday everyone, you made it! Hopefully you’re still excited to read today and learn a few new things before the weekend begins. One of my favorite skills I have learned in my major is animation! Animation is a very time consuming, but very rewarding skill. If most of you are like me, you grew […]

Video Editing

Happy Thursday guys! The weekend is so close I can almost taste it! Tonight I want to talk about some of my experiences with video editing! First things first, you have to shoot the video to be able to edit it, so start there! Now it all depends on what you shoot to see how […]