Introduction Post

Hello, hey, what’s up? How’re you? Welcome to my daily blog, A Cup O’ Joe! This blog is something that I will be using to document my day to day escapades throughout the next few weeks as they occur or as they pop in my head. Each day may be more exciting than the previous day, or I may continue to be a boring slump who just types his feelings on the internet for anonymous followers to read. Anyways, here is just a quick example of what happened to me today, and I am truly sorry that it is not that enticing, however I am going for honesty here and would not lie to my fellow bloggers. So today, I woke up and had a wonderful bowl of cereal for breakfast, Cinnamon Toast Crunch if it matters, nothing too fancy. I did not do much other than relax today because it is my first day off of work in 11 days and I just needed to eat and breathe for once. I treated myself to a Chipotle burrito bowl afterwards and currently I am sitting on my couch watching Aladdin, the best movie in cinematic history. Sorry for the play by play, but that’s how it all happened today. I promise next week something more interesting will have happened. Until next time pals, have a fantastic weekend and don’t work too hard.



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