Now That The Falling Action Is Done

So your Falling Action part for your script should be completed by now.  By this time you should already know what I am about to tell you to do.  You need to proofread and editing the falling action  you just wrote. Like I told you before this is going to help keep things organize and when the script is over. Just make sure you like what you wrote and how you are telling your story. Leave a comment or email your opinion how what you think about this exercise.

Also tell me other ways you think could help you in writing your script.  Remember to watch some YouTube video for practice or to review some things you didn’t remember.  I got another question for you do you think watching YouTube videos helps with your learning. Leave a comment or email me with your response.  We are very close to the end of Freytag’s pyramid and the next blog post will be about the dénouement. As always leave a comment or email me with questions.

Falling Action

We are very close in completing Freytag’s pyramid. We don’t have that much more to go.The next step that we are going to be talking about is the falling action. Falling action is defined as part of the story that occurs after the Climax and the conflict has been resolved. When I wrote my script my Falling Action was that my character went and took his SAT instead of getting revenge on a person.

The falling action is pretty easy to write in your scripts the falling action is basically how the big problem in your script was solved.  You want to write how your problem was solved and give good description. Comment or email and let me know how your falling action is going. As always leave a comment or email me with your questions.  Here is a link for more help in explaining Falling Action.

Now That The CLimax is Done

Now that you have finsh writing your Climax of your script. You need to edit and proofread your Climax that you just wrote. This is an assiment that I made you do after each part of your script was done.   By doing proffreading and editing part after part it will make , editing the script when you are done easy. Leave a comment or email me if you like editing after a part and do you think that it is effective.

Remeber to practice  or review your grammer by watching grammer and editing lession on youtube. I try to watch at least one video a day and you should also.  As always leave a comment or email me with questions that you have. The next blog post will be about the Falling Action. So be ready with you script. You can always go back to older post for help or review.

The Climax

By this time you have wrote and edited your Rising Action. Lets start walking on writing your Climax to your script. Climax is defined as the most intense, exciting, or important part of something. Another way you put it is when all hope is lost. When I wrote my script my Climax was weathering my character was going to take the SAT or get revenge for somebody. So the Rising Action leads up to the Climax of the story.

So just think what is the biggest problem in your story or biggest challenge that your character faces. That would give you your Climax of your script. Just think what is the biggest problem your character faces and that will give you your Climax. Comment or email me and let me know how the progress of writing your Climax is. As always leave a comment or email me with questions. Here is a link to a YouTube video talking about Climax


Now That the Rising Action is done

By this time you should have written your Rising Action part for your   script.  You should edit and proofread the part of the script that you just wrote. This is the same organize skill that I made you do with your finish Exposition. By editing and proofreading you Rising Action, it would be easier when its time to put the final script together. Comment or email me if you think editing part by part is effective with writing the script.


The next blog post will be talking about the Climax part in your script. Remember to watch some grammar videos on YouTube for practice. Just edit your Rising Action and we will be good to go from there. You can always email or comment with questions.  Let me know how the progress of your script is going, just comment below.

Rising Action

Now we are moving on to the next part in Freytag’s Pyramid. The Rising Action leads up to the most important step, which is the Climax. Rising action is defined as a series of events that build up to the Climax. That basically means that the small problems or events in the story will build up to them major problem in the story. When I wrote my script, I basically took my idea and broke it down into smaller problems or events for my characters. This helped me write my Rising Action part of my story with easy. It was an organized way for me to write the Rising Action and lead up to the Climax.

Identify three or four smaller problems for your story to write your Rising Action. The most important thing is that you have to make sure all parts of the Rising Action play a part leading up to the big problem. When I wrote my script, my Rising Action was choices that my character took in the story. The Rising Action is just a pathway leading up to the Climax. I want you to work on writing your Rising Action and making sure it’s connecting the story line. The next post we will be discussing the Climax. Like always leave a comment or email me with any questions that you have.

Now That The Expostion Is Done

By this time you have written the first part of your script that is called the Exposition. Initially when I was writing my script I decided to save  all the editing and grammar checks for the end of the script. I discovered this wasn’t a good idea. I had a lot of errors and it became confusing as a result. I realized that I should have set up periods of times to do my editing while I was writing. It would have been easier and created a more organized approach. So to make it simpler for you I want you to proofread the Exposition that you just wrote. You will thank me later when the script is done, trust me.

Proofreading is very important. Having someone else proofread for you will help identify your mistakes and make sure that your writing is clear and concise. For some writing using correct grammar can be difficult and takes a very organized approach. I have personally struggled with grammar and still struggle with grammar till this day. That’s why I always ask for help proofreading my work. Don’t be embarrassed and ask somebody to proofread your work. If you ever want some practice writing you can always go on YouTube to look at grammar lessons. Many feel these videos are very helpful. I still watch these videos and practice everyday.  Make sure you edit and proofread your Exposition before the next post. The next post will be talking about the Rising Action and describing what that is. Like always you can comment or email me with questions. You can always share my post on your own social media.

Part 1 of Writing the Script

Writing the script is the next step in this process. You have created the storyline or idea.  You have the characters names for your story and created the setting. You might be confused or thinking how do I actually start the script, don’t worry I will help. When I was writing my script I used a software called Celtex. It’s for scriptwriting and other production work. It made formatting the script very easy for me and I advise you to use it.  When it comes to writing stories or scripts they follow what is called Freytag’s Pyramid. There are five parts to the Freytag’s Pyramid.

The first part of the of Freytag’s pyramid is the Exposition. The Exposition is the introduction to the story. When writing your Exposition you want to introduce characters, settings, and any background information.  You might think it is very hard to create an Exposition, so let me help you break it down. First you want to make sure you introduce all your main characters and give physical description of them when introducing them. This is so the reader can picture what they look like in their head.


I’m the next blog will be discussing about what you should do following the Exposition. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or send me an email.  Im sharing a link for extra help on how to format your script.

Now That You Have The Idea

. Now that you have the idea for your script it is time to start developing parts of your story. You might have trouble naming characters or thinking of settings for your story. Let me help you figure that important information out. Now it’s time to discuss how many characters you want and where the settings of the story will take place.  When I wrote my script I limited the characters in my story to five. Having a lot of characters can be hard because you need to create speaking parts for all of them in the script. You want to make sure every character is unique and has different qualities. I identified my characters with names of my friends and random names that I just put together just in case you were wondering how I came up with my character names.

When it comes to writing a script you want to be very specific.  You might have a hard time trying to narrow down your setting. Think of places you have been and have knowledge of the surrounding area you may use in your setting. When I wrote my script my main setting was Philadelphia and I used specific places in Philadelphia such as Center City, Society Hill, and Fishtown. This part of the process should not take you that long to create. The next blog will talk about starting the actual script. If you have any questions you can comment or email and I will gladly help you.

Getting Started

Developing a topic is the first step of script writing. Brainstorming is a very important part of the process, and plays a huge part in selecting a topic. Naming a topic can be difficult but writing down potential ideas could be helpful. This can also assist with narrowing down an appropriate topic. Writing my script was difficult but following these steps helped me find my topic.

After you developed a topic getting feedback from peers is important. Their opinion can help with developing ideas to add to your topic. They will also let you know if they think your topic is a good one or if you should think of another topic.

Another thing to think about is the type of genre. You can choose a genres such as drama, comedy or combine genres like a romantic comedy. This part could be frustrating, however when you find that great idea, the other parts will come together. The next post will discuss what the plan is after you find your perfect idea. If you have any questions you can comment or email me.

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