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Rising Action

Now we are moving on to the next part in Freytag’s pyramid. The Rising Action leads up to the most important step, which is the Climax. Rising action is defined as a series of events that build up to the Climax. That basically means that the small problems in the story that build up to the major problem in the story. When I wrote my script, I basically took my idea and broke it down in to smaller problems for my character.  This way helps me write my Rising Action part of my story really easy. It was just a organize way for me to write the Rising Action and lead up to the Climax.

I would say that you take three to four smaller problems for your story to write your Rising Action. The most important thing is that you have to make sure all parts of the Rising Action play a part in leading up to the big problem.  When I wrote my script my Rising Action was choices that my character could have taken in  the story.  The Rising Action is just a pathway leading up to the Climax.  I want you to work on writing you Rising Action and making sure it makes sense with the story. The next post we will be discussing the Climax. Like always leave a comment or email me with any questions that you have.

Now That The Expostion Is Done

By this time you have wrote the first part of your script that is called the Exposition. When was doing my script I saved all the edited and grammar check for the end of the script. That was not a good idea because I had so much edit and got confused at some points. It becomes way too much to edit at one time. I realized that I should have edit part by part to be easier and organize. So to make it is for yourself I went you to proofread the Exposition that you just wrote. You will thank me later when the script is  done trust me.

This way you can make sure that your writing makes sense. Maybe have somebody proof read to help you. Grammar is something that is hard and tasks a lot of practicing to ne good at. I personal have struggle with grammar and even struggle with grammar till this day. That’s why I always asked me to help me proof read my work, so don’t be embarrass asking somebody to proofread you work.  If you ever want to practice you can always go on YouTube to look at grammar lessons and the video can be very helpful. I still watch these videos and practice everyday.  Make sure you edit and proofread your Exposition before the next post. The next post will be talking about the Rising Action and what that is. Like always you can comment or email me with questions. You can always share my post on your own social media.

Part 1 of Writing the Script

This is the part when we start actually writing the script. So you have created the storyline or idea that you want your script to be about. You have the character name for your story and created the setting.  You might be confused or thinking how to I actually start the script, don’t worry I will help. When I was writing my script I used a software called Celtex its for scriptwriting and other production work. It made formatting the script very easy for me and I advise that you should use it.  When it comes to writing stories or scripts they follow what is called Freytag’s pyramid.  There are five parts to the Freytag’s pyramid but we going to talk about the first part today.

The first part of the of Freytag’s pyramid is the Exposition. The Exposition is the introduction to the story. When writing your Exposition you want to introduce characters, settings, and any background information.  You might be thinking that it will be very hard to create an Exposition, so let me help you break it down.  First thing you want to make sure you introduce all your main characters and make sure you give physical description when introducing them. This is so the reader can picture what they look like in their head.

The next blog will be discussing about what do do after you write the Expostion.  If you have any questions you can leave a comment or send me an email.  This is a link for extra  help on how to format your script.

Now That You Have The Idea

Now that you have the idea that for your script it is time to start developing parts of your story. You might be having trouble naming characters or thinking of settings your story. Let me help you give you some ideas to figure that important information out. Now its time to discuss how many characters and where do you want the settings of the story to take place at. When I wrote my script I limited to about five characters in my story. Sometime having a lot of characters can be hard because you have to create a lot of speaking parts in the script.  You want to make sure every character is unique and have different qualities.  The names that I used for my characters were names of my friends and random names that I just put together. Just in case you were wondering how to come up with character names.

The next thing you want to you need to create is where the settings of your story is going to take place. When it comes to writing a script you want to be very specific about things.  You might be having a hard time trying to narrow down places and to help you with that just think how many places you are going in your story.  When I wrote my script my man setting was Philadelphia and I used a lot of specific places in Philadelphia. This part of the process should not take you that long to create. The next blog will talk about starting the actual script. If you have any questions you can comment or email and I will gladly help you.

Getting Started

The first step of writing a script is thinking what the idea or story that you want to go with. If you are having trouble of thinking of what to write about brainstorm some ideas and things you like. Brainstorming can help you gain a lot of ideas and narrow down them. When I was writing my script I was having a lot of problems of think about the idea that I wanted to go with. When you write your ideas out on paper it helps you a lot because you get to see your ideas. That’s why brainstorm played a huge part in finding my idea.

You could ask your peers if your idea is good and they can  give you some good feedback. Asking people what they though about my idea for my script help me out a lot .Another thing to think about is the type of genre that you want your story to be. You can have genres like drama, comedy or combine genres like romantic comedy. This part may seem frustrating but when you find that great idea, the other parts will come together. The next post will discuss what the plan is after you find your perfect idea. If you have any questions you can comment or email me.