Denounment is Done

So you should be finishing writing your denouement, the last part of the script that you have to write.  I want to know how did it go writing your denouement so email me or leave a comment with your response. By this time you should already know what I am about to tell you that you should do.  You should edit your entire script from the start to the end.  This should not be that hard of you were editing your script after every part was done.

I say that you should edit on your own first. After that give it to maybe one or two people to edit for you and check the mistakes that you didn’t catch. Sit down and go over with them so that you can get some type of benefit out of the editing. Leave a comment if you think that editing after each part of the script helped with your final edit.  I wanted to make the final editing easy for you, so I hope that it worked out. Keep you good copy of your script around because you will need it for the next post.  As always leave a comment or email me with questions that you have

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