Now That The Falling Action Is Done

So your Falling Action part for your script should be completed by now.  By this time you should already know what I am about to tell you to do.  You need to proofread and editing the falling action  you just wrote. Like I told you before this is going to help keep things organize and when the script is over. Just make sure you like what you wrote and how you are telling your story. Leave a comment or email your opinion how what you think about this exercise.

Also tell me other ways you think could help you in writing your script.  Remember to watch some YouTube video for practice or to review some things you didn’t remember.  I got another question for you do you think watching YouTube videos helps with your learning. Leave a comment or email me with your response.  We are very close to the end of Freytag’s pyramid and the next blog post will be about the dénouement. As always leave a comment or email me with questions.

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