Rising Action

Now we are moving on to the next part in Freytag’s Pyramid. The Rising Action leads up to the most important step, which is the Climax. Rising action is defined as a series of events that build up to the Climax. That basically means that the small problems or events in the story will build up to them major problem in the story. When I wrote my script, I basically took my idea and broke it down into smaller problems or events for my characters. This helped me write my Rising Action part of my story with easy. It was an organized way for me to write the Rising Action and lead up to the Climax.

Identify three or four smaller problems for your story to write your Rising Action. The most important thing is that you have to make sure all parts of the Rising Action play a part leading up to the big problem. When I wrote my script, my Rising Action was choices that my character took in the story. The Rising Action is just a pathway leading up to the Climax. I want you to work on writing your Rising Action and making sure it’s connecting the story line. The next post we will be discussing the Climax. Like always leave a comment or email me with any questions that you have.

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