The thirteenth electronic device that I can remember that brought me a lot of love, fun, pain, and trouble was the Nintendo Wii. When I get the Nintendo Wii, it was a Christmas present from my parents to me and my sisters. I was so happy to find that under my tree because whenever me and sisters would ask for it, they said we wouldn’t be able to get it this year because I believe it was around the time when it had just came out and it was pretty expensive.

Some of the love and fun that came from me having a Nintendo Wii was when me and my whole family would stay up all night playing Wii sports, our favorites was the bowling game, and the baseball game. The Nintendo Wii was awesome because we have never seen this type of technology before.

Some of the pain and trouble that came from me having a Nintendo Wii was when my sister and I were playing the Wii baseball game. When you play those games, the systems insist that you wrap the controller around your wrist with the strap that comes with it. That string obviously came with the controllers for reason. Well one day I forgot to wrap the string back around my wrist and when it was my turn to swing that controller flew right out of my hand. Luckily it didn’t hit the tv, but it did hit the wall, hit the floor and break.

Some of that pain and trouble could have been avoided if would have remembered to wrap it back around my wrist. But you can trust me when I say that never happened again because I made sure that controller was wrap tight around my wrist before taking my next swing.

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