Future of Sports Media

When we think of sports media, we think about the present day sports and not really the future of sports media. The future is already here and that is esports. Esports is major league competition involving video games. This is something that cashes out millions of dollars at every tournament, bringing in more and more […]

Sports Media is Work

Talking sports, whether it be on the radio or any other medium, has a common misconception.  That misconception is that it’s easy and simple. It is perceived as if it isn’t work. It’s actually hard and takes a lot of focus and time.  The amount of effort that it takes to have a successful show […]

Supply and Demand

When you turn on any sports radio show or any sports TV show,  you might see many sports personalities that make you think that the sports media world is crowded.  That is so far from the truth. The supply in the sports media world is actually pretty big.  You have the podcasts, the bloggers,  the […]

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