Women’s Sports in Sports Media.

Women have sports too. It is rarely covered and not widely popular. Why doesn’t the media cover them more? What is the issue here? There is nothing stopping them from being covered, is there?  The answer is the popularity, but also the genetics. It’s true women’s sports don’t really attract the most people. It doesn’t […]

What Not To Say To An Athlete

If you’re working in the sports media field, it’s possible that you will end up having to conduct a interview with a famous athlete at some point in your career. This could be very exciting for your show or career, but you can’t let that distract you. You have to know the things you can […]

What is the Shock Value?

Something that is big in sports media is the shock value. The shock value is saying something that makes the audience freak out or react in a certain way. Many times, the shock value is used to build your audience by making more people check you out to see what you will say next. The […]

How To Not Be Bias

If you’re into sports, chances are you have a favorite team or maybe just a favorite player. That bias could easily play a part in what you say about them. The biggest thing about this is that it could hurt your image. You don’t want to be the guy that blindly will stand up for […]

Sports Media Gambling

Sports gambling has now been legalized in America. What this means is that many people are going to start gambling on sporting events. Just like betting on horses.  I personally believe this will be bad for sports media. The biggest issue with this is not getting sucked in.  You could place a bet, but what […]

Sports Media Ethics

Ethics are important no matter what you do.  They’re extremely important when it comes to sports media. Sports media ethics are different from the shock value that I talked about in a different post. I will also be using the self claimed “super genius” Mark Madden as an example of ethics in sports media. A […]

Disadvantages in Sports Media

You might think working in sports media doesn’t have any cons, but it actually does. It’s hard to believe, but before you dive right into the media, you probably should know the biggest disadvantage.  When you make a statement about a sports topic, you must be ready for the fans that will disagree with you. […]

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