What Isn’t Talked About In Sports Media

In sports media the four main sports that are talked about are MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL. Other sports might be talked about when something big happens in them, but those are the main four that will always be talked about.  Many people wonder why other sports aren’t covered as much.

The answer is pretty simple.  We (the consumer or audience) don’t watch it enough for it to gain popularity for media coverage.  Let’s take soccer for example.  In other countries soccer is huge! It’s the biggest sport in the world. But here in America (other than the world cup that comes every four years), it’s hardly watched. Many people find it boring.  What’s the point in covering something if the audience finds it boring? Most likely they would just turn you off.

If you want to cover a sport that doesn’t get much attention, you have to ease your audience into it. Don’t just jump right into it. The audience might not understand what you’re talking about.  They probably would tune out. Ease your audience into it. Show them that you have an actual passion for that sport.

During “Sports Talk Live”, we try to talk about the sports that are going on at IUP.  It’s hard when the only two sports people really care about are basketball and football. We devoted ten minutes at the end of each show to talk about the current IUP sport in season.

If you really want to bring other sports that aren’t regularly covered to the limelight, you just have to find a way to introduce it to your audience. Once you find that way, it will be easier to bring the sport up more and more.

Question time! What is one sport you wish was covered more, whether it’s on TV or just talked about in general? Please comment your answers below.  I can’t wait to read them!

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