Sports Media Gambling

Sports gambling has now been legalized in America. What this means is that many people are going to start gambling on sporting events. Just like betting on horses.  I personally believe this will be bad for sports media.

The biggest issue with this is not getting sucked in.  You could place a bet, but what happens if you lose? You end up going on twitter calling out the athlete that made you lose your bet. Not only does this make you look like a jerk, it also makes you lose the respect of your audience. You’re attacking someone online because they didn’t perform as you expected.   It certainly doesn’t keep you objective.

This will affect how you talk sports.  You will become distracted.  It will affect your show and your writing.  Your ethics and your mindset will be called into question.

I don’t plan on ever getting involved with sports betting. I don’t have to.  Sports is for enjoyment. It’s not something for us to put all our savings into. Sports are entertainment.  They are not meant to bankrupt you.

My solution is simple. Stay away from it! Treat sports betting like a trip to Kennywood. It’s fun for a special treat but don’t make it an everyday thing!

Question time! What are your thoughts on sports betting? Do you like it or not? Please post your comments below!

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