Future of Sports Media

When we think of sports media, we think about the present day sports and not really the future of sports media. The future is already here and that is esports. Esports is major league competition involving video games. This is something that cashes out millions of dollars at every tournament, bringing in more and more people every time.

The main obstacle here is acceptance.  Many people don’t see video games as a sport. This makes it hard for the media to come to an agreement on whether or not it should have coverage. The older generation thinks it’s not a sport and that all coverage should stick to the main sports that are always shown. But the younger generation (including myself) think video games are a real sport.

I have been trying to learn more about the esports audience. What I have found is that they’re like any other sports fans. They have a favorite team, and a favorite game.  That’s about all I can do, learn and adapt to esports.

Adapt is important in sports media. You have to have an open mind to up and coming sports.  It might seem dumb to you, but to another person it could be the greatest thing. Always be willing to learn.  You will learn a lot working with sports.

Question time! What is your favorite lesser known sport? Please comment your answer below!

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