Supply and Demand

When you turn on any sports radio show or any sports TV show,  you might see many sports personalities that make you think that the sports media world is crowded.  That is so far from the truth.

The supply in the sports media world is actually pretty big.  You have the podcasts, the bloggers,  the radio personalties, and the on air TV personalities. You might think “what about me?” Every person is different.  We have different opinions and different thoughts on stuff, (especially in sports media).  With that being said, audiences like the different thoughts.  It can bring a new argument or they could be told something that makes them see the situation in a different light.

The biggest obstacle about this is fear. Many people (including myself) get caught up in comparing ourselves with the other people in the field.  We start to worry “what if I am not good enough?” or “what if I say something wrong?”

My solution to this is simple.  Don’t worry about saying something wrong or maybe messing up a stat. We are human, it happens. My first day on Sports Talk Live I remember saying Vince Young won a super bowl for the San Fransciso 49ers  (it was actually Steve Young).  In the sports world, that was very dumb.  I got some weird faces and jokes pointed my way.  I was very embarrassed.  Someone corrected me and after that show they never brought it up again.

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