Happy Monday!

Well, whether there’s ever been a “happy” Monday is up for debate, but it never hurts to try to make it your best Monday yet! A good way to start? Take note of this friendly reminder:

And don’t you ever forget it.

I’ll be back tomorrow to bring you some more serious industry content, but no one ever wants to go to heavy on a Monday, right? Until then, enjoy your precious few hours of sleep before it’s time to get ready to ride those .wavs for yet another day!


Greetings, listeners!

My name is Ali Miller, and in the world of audio production and radio broadcasting I am used to being the only dose of estrogen in the room. While the world of audio as we know it may be male dominated, it definitely doesn’t need to stay this way. As a woman with broadcasting experience, I am hoping to spread my knowledge of the field and connect likeminded women who are working to make their break into this industry.

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