How DJs celebrate the Fourth of July

1. Be shocked you got the day off in the first place.








It may seem too good to be true, but you actually have a holiday off. Get ready to celebrate (and leave your poor co-workers who weren’t as fortunate in the dust)!

2. Create the ultimate cook-out party playlist.

Just because you have the day off from your DJ duties doesn’t mean you’re going to let some amateur grab the aux cord at the Fourth barbeque. Time to create a playlist that will be the envy of all of your friends and family. You know when to keep the mood chill, how to amp up the fun during that early evening post-sunburn lull, and have already timed out the tunes to sync up perfectly with the evening fireworks display. Too bad you aren’t getting paid for this.

3. Try your best to enjoy the festivities (but keep getting distracted by work things)








You’ve got your feet dipped in the pool, a cool beverage in your hand, and not a care in the world…until yet another work email filters in on your phone.







Pitches, promos, and deadlines are impossible to escape from. You even find yourself bookmarking news and stories that you know will be great fodder for your mic breaks tomorrow. Cut it out! Put the phone down and commence relaxation.

4. Actually have fun





You’ve hidden your phone inside under a couch cushion, and now it’s time to truly enjoy yourself. Do some sick tricks off of the diving board, eat too many hot dogs, and roast the other team in a game of beach volleyball. By the time the fireworks come around, you’ve totally forgotten all of your work worries.

5. Go home and prepare for an early morning






Well, you’ve had your Fourth of July fun, but the grind never stops for long. Head home and prepare for a wake-up call that will come much too early. You may show up to work tomorrow sleep-deprived and sunburnt, but boy was it worth it.

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July? How did you spend the holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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