Why I Love Adobe Audition

It seems that every audiophile has their own favorite audio production software. Industry bigwigs are enamored with Pro Tools, Cubase has a longstanding reputation with its fans (such as the honorable Dr. Piwinsky), and for those just starting out, a free copy of Audacity often gets the job done just fine. While all of these software options do roughly the same tasks, each has their own ways of accomplishing the ultimate goal of creating some bangin’ audio. Well, after trying many of the options out there, I have found that not all software is created equal, and I’m happy to say that I have discovered my own personal favorite audio software: Adobe Audition. Allow me the chance to wax poetic about why this program has become my go-to for all of my production needs.

1. It’s affordable.

Good audio production software can be expensive. Pro Tools, the industry standard, starts at $599 (!), and the more deluxe versions can cost thousands of dollars (Thornton, 2018). For those just starting out, this software is typically financially out of reach (and, ultimately, overkill for many). But what if I told you that you could get not only Adobe Audition, but the entire Adobe Creative Cloud (featuring Pemiere, Photoshop, and more), for only $19.99 per month?

I know it sounds crazy, but if you’re a college student currently enrolled in an accredited university, you can have access to the full range of Adobe Creative software for the monthly cost of a overpriced t-shirt. If audio editing is only part of the creative work you do, this is a deal that can’t be beat, and even if you’ve never edited photos or videos in your life, this is a great opportunity to broaden your portfolio and gain additional experience in other mediums without breaking the bank.

2. It’s easy to use.

There are some audio programs out there that seem like they want you to fail at using them. Menus are set up illogically, features seem impossible to apply correctly, and you find yourself watching tutorial after tutorial just to do something as simple as record on a track. While many things in life are worth working for, accomplishing simple tasks in a software you spent way too much money on shouldn’t be one of them.

With Audition, I never find myself second guessing the programmers’ logic or wondering “Why the heck would they put that there?” The software is simple, direct, and doesn’t leave you guessing. When I first began working with Audition, I didn’t find myself overwhelmed and frazzled like I often did learning other programs (I’m looking at you, Cubase). Adjusting volume and panning, adding effects, and recording and playing with audio files are all done simply, and it all begins to feel very intuitive after you get acquainted with the tools. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you aren’t quite sure what to do next, Adobe is kind enough to include tutorials on a number of things you can accomplish within the program. If you are actively seeking to be challenged by a program, Audition probably isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for audio production software that makes editing enjoyable and easy breezy, you’ve found your match in Audition.

3. It does so much!

Often, affordability and ease of use for a program means that functionality and capability tend to be more limited. I can say that that is truly not the case when it comes to Audition. In fact, I still find myself surprised by everything that I can do within the program. File conversion? Audition does it. Flawless noise correction? Audition does that, too. Multitrack recording? Audition even does that (and it’s one of the few programs that does!). It’s hard to think of a project that you couldn’t tackle with ease with this software on your side. While you may not have ALL of the tools available on a software that’s costs 10x Audition’s price, there is nothing that an amateur (and even most professionals) won’t be able to accomplish with what is offered by Audition.

While every product has its pros and cons, I can say that Adobe Audition is the best time that I’ve had editing audio. Knowing that I’m not breaking the bank, being able to navigate the software with ease, and the nearly limitless potential that its tools give me provides me with the peace of mind I need to really dig into a project and milk it for all that it is worth.

Do you share my love for Audition, or do you have another favorite to vouche for? Let me know in the comments!


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