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The reason I am blogging will be to influence others, as well as expand my horizons in my field. The topic of everyday carry is an important part of my life for reasons beyond one blog post. This is a very independent subject, as every person is different within this realm. The people involved in my field should already have a great amount of knowledge, but for those that don’t, this should help. Some of the goals of my blog will be testing and evaluation of products and ideas that have worked for me in the past, and ones to come. Another will be seeing what others have found for them to work and why. The last goal of my blog is to connect with an audience. One of the greatest and most devastating variables of the internet is being able to connect and share with people instantly, yet I have never taken full advantage of this.

The audience for my discussions will be specific on a number of factors. First, the age will be anybody who is at least 18 years old. Not that the matters of discussion are sensitive material, but that is the age some of the topics covered is legal. The geographical area of my audience will be the United States for the same reason as age. The audience I am aiming for will have similar interests as me, with hobbies such as shooting guns and training with them.

The sex I am appealing to is men, although women would be very beneficial to myself, and for them. Women are somewhat limited with the upcoming topics, but they can be just as successful as the men. The sexual orientation of my audience doesn’t matter to me, but to my knowledge, the information should cover the interests more of heterosexuals. The audience will be seeking information as to what could help them in making buying choices, what their mindset should be, and how to prepare themselves best for possible challenges.

Something I am going to do differently than others is share my experience over the past three years with somebody who is on a limited budget. I think this is very important because people have to budget around their lives. I have also learned that buying quality sometimes is the right move, and other times it is not as important. I can provide examples of times where having the right tools has come in handy, and vise versa. Another twist with my blog is I am asking for help. I don’t know everything about the subjects at hand, nor will I act like it. With guidance from other, I would be thankfully open to new ideas.

The posting schedule for my blog will be every day. It won’t be at the same time however, as I am wagering time between personal life and work. One thing those in my field can understand is an erratic work schedule. For instance, working 16 hour shifts, and sleeping during the day, this can produce 4am blog posts. I think that is one thing that will keep it genuine. I am somebody who is out working in the field, and I can attest to how hard that can be to balance factors of life.

Please share anything you found interesting or informative with your friends!

My lead editor will be my girlfriend. Although she isn’t the best with math, she double majored at University of Connecticut in Environmental Sciences and Geology. That required a lot of essays and proof-reading, which I am hoping she can help me out with. There may be times where I ask a co-worker to read over my work, or simply proof-read myself if there are no other options.

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