Thinking About Starting a Blog?

Are you thinking about starting a blog? I wasn’t, but it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

First off, you’ll want to create a page for your blog. You can use websites like WordPress to create your page, or join other websites. Here are some of my favorites (that are all free!) :




Next, choose a topic. You’ll want to make your blog about something you are very familiar with, which is why mine is about graphic design. You could always get more specific than that if you have a target audience in mind. I wanted to be more open with mine. Make sure your topic has enough topics to talk about though because you want to keep your audience engaged.

You should create a logo for your blog. Refer back to my personal branding blog post to help you with that! It’s super easy and will help you a lot in the end. You could also hire someone else to create your logo if you’re still not comfortable with doing it on your own.

Get the word out! Post on social media about your blog and ask people to share it. You’ll reach more people this way! You could also hold contests with some kind of incentive to get people to share your link. Make sure your first few posts are super interesting so they come back for more.

Remember, you can always change your topics or come up with subtopics if the first one doesn’t take off. Just keep trying until you have it right.

Hope you guys learned something today! Share this link and stay tuned for another post tomorrow!


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