What Honor Societies are Legit?

If you receive an invitation to join a national honor society, it’s in your best interest to check it out prior to cutting that annual or lifetime membership fee. 

The Association of College Honors Societies is a
professional organization that lists college honors organizations.   Their website http://www.achsnatl.org/ is a good place to assess the legitimacy and value of an honors society.
Be sure it is a legitimate organization that provides real services to
its members.  Good honors societies have member benefits like
scholarship opportunities and active campus chapters.  Honor societies
in name alone may serve as a line item on your resume, but they won’t
provide an opportunity for meaningful involvement in the advancement of
organizational goals, leadership opportunities or networking

Honors Connection is looking for new members!

Any honors college student is
welcome to join our club which focuses on community
service, new students to
the RECHC, and strengthening the Whitmyre community through fun activities. 
We’re the group that organizes Thesis Snacks, Winter Formal, and Freshmen
Orientation.   If you would like to play a part in these activities you need
to be in the club.
 We also help with the prospective student overnighters
which many of you have attended and are always looking for new ideas to make
these events fun and appealing to the high school students.   Being in
Honors Connection is a great way to earn service hours.  We will be

volunteering at a nursing home within the next few weeks, are working
with a community group called Healing Hearts, and you even earn hours by
coming to meetings to help plan all of these activities! 

Please join us
Wednesday, Nov. 10th at 9:15pm in the painting room at Whitmyre.  Hope to
see you there!

Honors Connection President,

Kelsey Garmon

Cook Chemistry Students Share Summer Research Experiences

Several undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry
majors held research internships over Summer 2010, and they’re sharing
their experiences in the Chemistry Department seminar.

On Friday, October 1, Nadia Szymanski and James Zewe will talk to
students and faculty of the department about the research that they
carried out over the summer. A previous seminar, held September 10,
featured the projects of Deanna Belsky, Jonathan Henninger, and Jennifer

Each summer, Chemistry and Biochemistry majors apply for competitive
fellowships and internships at research companies, major research
universities and medical centers, and in national laboratories. These
positions allow our students to get firsthand experience in cutting-edge
research in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, and physics.

In 2010, students completed research at
North Dakota University, Columbia University, Howard Hughes Medical
Institute, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Princeton
University, Yale University, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative
Medicine, University of North Carolina, and Pitt University.

Noche Latina! Saturday, Oct. 16th

Please join the Hispanic Heritage Council in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15th-Oct. 15) by participating in:

Event: Noche Latina
Date: Saturday, October 16th
Time: 6:00-9:00
Place: Ohio Room, HUB

More information to come… check us out on facebook

If you would like to participate and you have a talent please contact Jenifer Casanova at J.Casanova@iup.edu. She is coordinating the edutainment portion of the program.  If your talent is in the kitchen. Breakout your spices and cooking skills.  Your dish donation would be greatly appreciated. We are asking for desserts, appetizers, entress to serve around 30. Please contact me if you are interested. You dish will be featured in our HHC Cookbook at the end of the semester.

Muchas Gracias,
Portia Diaz
Faculty Librarian
Hispanic Heritage Council Board
LaSO Advisor
Ritmo Latino Dance Crew Advisor

IUP English Club Meeting Times Set

The English Club officers met last week and have
decided on a schedule of meetings for the fall term. We’ll be meeting
the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 5 p.m. in Delaney
G-5.  Our first general meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 16th at 5.

M.J. Ferrence
Department of English
Indiana University of PA
Leonard Hall,
Room 110
421 North Walk
Indiana, PA 15705-1094


The Counseling Center

Suites on Maple East G-31

Sometimes a problem is better
addressed through group counseling than with an individual counselor. Research
has shown that group counseling is as effective as individual counseling.
Talking with other students who have similar experiences provides support and
perspective. The following counseling, support and growth groups are offered at
The Counseling Center in G31 Suites on Maple East. These groups usually include 4-9 students and are facilitated by
one or two therapists. Group facilitators work to provide a safe, confidential
environment where members are free to discuss their thoughts, feelings and
concerns as they are comfortable. Participation in these groups requires an
initial meeting with the group facilitator(s), usually 30-45 minutes. To
schedule this meeting or to ask questions: contact the Counseling Center at
(724)357-2621, stop by G31 Suites on Maple East, or contact Patti Shaffer at pshaffer@iup.edu


The following groups have openings but will close to
new members after the first group meeting. See below for beginning dates and



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Active Minds

Dear IUP Community,

I am very pleased to introduce you of a student organization at IUP that you may be interested in encouraging students to become involved with.  The organization, Active Minds, is the only national organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses. The organization has been in existence since 2001 and IUP has had an active chapter on campus now for 2 years.

Both years, IUP has been given a 5 star rating for its enthusiasm in sponsoring events throughout the year aimed to raise awareness about mental illness, educate and encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed. Last year, Active Minds sponsored the production of an educational video which is posted on the home page of the Counseling Center website (
www.iup.edu/counselingcenter). If you are concerned about a student, and think they would benefit from counseling, I would encourage him or her to watch it.

I have been proud to serve as the Advisor for Active Minds, and hope that you will help us spread the word about this wonderful student organization, and encourage students to join.

The website for the National Organization is www.activeminds.org.  My contact email is kweiner@iup.edu. Our Co-Presidents this year are Jillian Zeitvogel (j.a.zeitvogel@iup.edu) and Kimberly Roberts  (k.c.roberts@iup.edu)


Kim Weiner, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Psychologist
The Counseling Center
Center for Health and Well-Being

Honors Connection

The first meeting of Honors Connection will be held on Wednesday Sept 15th at 9:15 pm in the Painting Room. The Honors Connection is a Whit community organization which does various volunteer activities throughout the year including: Elderly home visits, organizing an annual dance, running thesis snacks, running Freshmen Orientation, and organizing random events for the Whit community. Email Vicki at yhhp@iup.edu  if you have any questions.

IUP Martial Arts Club

The IUP Martial Arts Club will have a general membership and orientation
meeting next Wednesday, September 8th at 6:30 p.m. in Zink Hall (exact room
will be posted in the lobby).

The club welcomes martial artists of all
types: Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (grappling), Traditional
(Japanese) Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Kung-Fu, etc. to stay in shape, sharpen
self-defense skills, or to participate in our competition team, whatever your
goal might be. Workouts will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays in the
early evening.  You can find additional information on our Facebook page:
IUP Martial Arts group.  We will address all questions at the

Thank you.  

Jose’ E. Rivera, club advisor


Jose’ E. Rivera, M.S.Ed., ATC.
Athletic Training Education Curriculum Coordinator
Dept. of Health and Physical Education
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
228 Zink Hall, 1190 Maple Street
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705