Research Experience for Summer Scholars

This summer we will again be running the Research Experience for Summer Scholars (RESS) summer program at IUP, from June 3rd to August 8th.   This program is open for all faculty mentors and student researchers across IUPs campus (in all majors and for both undergraduate/graduate).  The students who are participating just need to be enrolled in IUP for the Fall 2019 semester.

If you have a research project, scholarship project, or other creative work project that you would be open to working on with a student, we encourage you to seek out a student and have them apply for the RESS program!  Some of the students who apply will receive funding, and the deadline for applications that are seeking funding is March 22nd (those not seeking funding can apply until April 30th).  To apply, direct your students to InfoReady:

and look for “2019 Research Experience for Summer Scholars (RESS) Program Application – IUP Students Only“.

I have attached a poster advertisement for the RESS program.  Please feel free to distribute these posters.

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Q:  Does the student have to be in Indiana, PA all summer?

A:  No.  You can even conduct a lot of your research or investigation in other locations or through virtual connections.  However, the student researcher must attend 5 of the 8 RESS events throughout the summer.  They are:

June 4th:  Ice Cream Social

June 12th:  Ethics of Research

June 21st:  Presenter Pizza Series

June 26th:  Resume/CV writing workshop

July 12th:  Presenter Pizza Series

July 17th:  Essentials of Posters/Presentations workshop

July 26th: Presenter Pizza Series

August 2nd:  Cookout

as well as present their work at the poster session on August 8th.

Q:  Does the research have to be related to a STEM field?

A:   No.  This program truly is open to all students in all majors.  We love the diversity of the program to showcase what research and scholarship means in majors and departments all across IUPs campus.  In the past we have had scholarship in music and performance anxiety, website design and navigation, historical video creation, etc.

Q:  How is funding determined?

A:  The money that we receive to support students comes from a variety of pools (donations to the Foundation, state work-study, and federal work-study).  The largest pool of funding does come from federal work-study, so it is easier for us to fund students who qualify for federal work-study.  As part of the application process, all students will be asked to fill out financial-aid information.  This will help us be able to match the most students with the most support we can.

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