Why Vote?

Attend the Six O’Clock Series about why voting is important — it’s on Monday, September 24th!
Dr. Aleea Perry from Political Science will be talking about how voting can affect the lives of college students. Honors college professors will be talking a bit about voting rights and how we have fought for the right to vote. There will also be a bit of information on how to register to vote, learn about candidates, etc.
This is not a Fine Arts Event but you can go support Dr. Baker and Dr. Ricketts!!

Career Expo and Graduate School Fair: Volunteers Needed

Jan Shellenbarger is asking for assistance during next week’s Career Expo and Graduate School Fair on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at the Kovalchick Complex. Assistance is needed with employers, beginning at 8 a.m. until 10 a.m., and again from 1:30-2:30 at end of day. Students are needed to help bring in supplies that the employers bring along, plus taking the employers to their booth in the arena.

Business or business casual attire is requested, please, or at least something neat and no jeans or shorts, etc.

Contact jans@iup.edu if interested

Seeking Participants to Interview for Honors Thesis Research Project

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Wasilko and I am seeking participants to interview for my honors thesis research project. The study is about understanding well-being among college women, specifically in the Honors College.

The interviews will be semi-structured, meaning it will be more like a question guided conversation. Questions will first ask about your understanding of well-being and stress. You will also be asked about when you are stressed and how you cope with stress. After the conclusion of the first interview, you will be asked to be interviewed for a second time a few weeks later. The second interview will focus about how you are feeling regarding your stress and stress management. This interview will help me better understand how your stress changes during a semester and how you adapt your schedule to that stress change. Each interview will take 30-60 minutes of your time.

If interested, please contact me at xcpv@iup.edu or send me a message via Facebook. Thank you!

This study is under the guidance of Dr. Victor Garcia. His contact information is: Department of Anthropology, McElhaney Hall G1 IUP, Indiana, PA 15705. Phone: 724-357-2732.


Homecoming Late Night Party: Sign-Up form

They are starting to look for student volunteers for the Homecoming Late Night Party! Included is a link for the sign-up form. Those who volunteer will be helping with ticket sales, running carnival events, and helping out with the prize table and other duties as assigned. They need about 30 people for the course of the night, so any help is appreciated!