Mr. Ken Liu

You’re invited to attend an exciting event Wednesday, April 18.  On that day, the world renowned writer and translator, Mr. Ken Liu (刘宇昆), will be visiting IUP and giving talks.
Ken is a prolific writer who has published several books including the 2017 new book on Star Wars: The Legends of Luck Skywalker. The title story of his 2016 book “The Paper Menagerie” is the only story in the history of the field that received all three major awards-the Hugo, Nebula, and the World Fantasy. He is the translator of the popular Chinese science fiction, The Three Body Problem, which was the first translated book that received the Hugo award. With a law degree from Harvard, Ken also worked as a lawyer and earlier as a programmer.To learn more about him and his works, check

Ken will be giving two talks 11:15am-12:15pm, and 4:30-5:30pm, in the Humanity and Social Sciences Building. Attached s the poster.The larger size is available at Interested participants can also have lunch or dinner with him.

Any question or for more detailed info., please contact Dr. Shijuan Liu at

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