Holocaust Survivor: Moshe Baran

Approved Fine Arts Event!

On Monday, April 9, Holocaust survivor, Moshe Baran will talk on his experiences and his life’s work as part of the 6 O’Clock Series in Fisher Auditorium (note the change of venue). The talk will last approximately one hour.

This year, a group of faculty in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences have organized break-out sessions, immediately following Mr. Baran’s talk, so that we can bring together students, faculty, and townspeople to reflect and to build on Mr. Baran’s message of peace.

As soon as the Q&A ends, they will announce the exact locations of the break-out sessions (all will be in the HSS Building) and will invite the public (faculty, students and townspeople) to participate in the break-out sessions, where you will reflect on Moshe’s talk and explore what we can do in an increasing hostile world. Their goal is to strengthen bonds among people of good will and to create representations of peace, nonviolence and co-existence for our campus community and our wider community in Indiana, our commonwealth, and the larger world.

They will display the creations from the break-out sessions on campus and share them with Mr. Baran.

Attendance vouchers will be available for both events.

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