CHC Priority Registration Set for October 16th

Priority scheduling is set for OCTCOBER 16-18, 2017. 

Honors College students are among those with priority registration privileges and should receive a scheduling time for the 16,17 or 18th of October.  If you do not receive a scheduling time on one of these days, contact Kevin Berezansky at

CHC students should schedule a meeting with their advisor to discuss scheduling for the spring semester and receive a registration PIN.  Don’t wait until the week before October registration.  Faculty time is limited to office hours and scheduling is crunch time for them.  If you have questions about your honors college requirements you can schedule an appointment with Kevin Berezansky before meeting with your adviser.

If it helps, print a copy of the Honors College Core Curriculum to share with your adviser and explain how the CHC curriculum meets your liberal studies requirements.  Hard copies will also be available on the table outside Dr. Finegan’s office.

Freshman will review the CHC curriculum, advisor meetings and a plan of attack for scheduling at the October 4th Wednesday Workshop, from 11:15-12:05 in the Great Hall.

  • Freshman need to schedule HNRC 102 this spring.
  • Sophomires need to schedule HNRC 202 (science core) this spring.
  • Sophomore Nursing and Allied Health majors may also need to schedule ENGL 202 H to stay on track for clinicals in the junior year if not already completed.
  • In addition to the Honors Core Curriculum, CHC students must complete a 3 credit Honors Elective and an Experiential Education Component to graduate.
  • The following are suitable experiential education components: a graduate level course, a significant study abroad experience, a second CHC elective, an internship, an Honors independent study or Honors thesis.
  • Transfer students may be exempt from some requirements.  CHC students who entered the program after their first semester of college should schedule a meeting to be sure they are meeting all their honors requirements and the Liberal Studies requirements.
  • If you have difficulty finding a relevant Honors elective and are unable to complete ENGL 202 H, you may add an H to any existing course to meet this requirement.  The form Adding and H to an Existing Course outlines the process you will need to follow to request this exception.  Any course may be converted with the assistance of the teaching professor and submitted to the Honors College for approval.
  • Students must be within 32 credits of graduation to pursue a graduate course for 499 credit.  IUP’s policy for undergraduates pursuing a graduate course is as follows: “IUP undergraduate students with an academic grade point average of at least 2.6 who are within thirty-two semester hours of graduation are permitted, after receiving appropriate approvals, to take up to six semester hours of graduate work whether or not they have applied for acceptance into an IUP graduate program.”

Honors courses offered this spring can be found online at the Universitywide Class Schedule.  You can search by the Honors “Course Attribute” to see them all.

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