Cheap Fine Arts Event- African Night!

Saturday, April 8th is AFRICAN NIGHT 2017!  A night of music, dance, cultural heritage, and African delicacies, presented by the Pan-African Student Association (PASA) on Saturday, April 8, 7:00-10:00 p.m. at the Hub Ohio Room. Tickets are $7 before the event and $10 at the door.  To purchase tickets, contact the HUB Box Office or PASA Secretary at 724-812-6623.

Volunteer or Possible Internship Opportunity with Chevy Chase Community Center!

The Chevy Chase Community Center is looking for a part-time cook and a part-time program coordinator. They would love to have a volunteer or intern, but if necessary can offer minimum wage payment. If you are interested please contact Chevy Chase through their company email which is To find out more about what they do visit their website at They do incredible work for the Indiana Community!